Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Reactions to Visibility

This reading was particularly interesting one in my opinion due to the in depth analysis of the power and dynamics of ones imagination. The first point that I found compelling was the idea that imagination has the capacity to remove us from our physical being into what the reading deems, "high fantasy". Following this point, the distinction between the two paths or processes of imagination is also a very interesting notation. I believe that the two concepts, one being that we develop imaginative thought beginning with word followed by the visual imagination, and the second that our visual imagination acts as a catalyst for verbal description, are accurate analyses of imagination. I find myself to be more drawn to the word inspiring the visual imagination, probably due to my love for reading.
Another helpful example provided by the reading is the description of how film and producing is conducted. The reading draws the connection between aspects of film such as, the director, the producer, the mise en scene, and other stylistic choices as a means to portray an overlying imaginative idea. Films truly are the expression of one or a group of contributors imaginations. I believe that imagination is the result of an individuals reaction with experience and their environment, and their past experience and emotional conditions.

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