Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Post-Modernism Piece - The Current of Consciousness

Current of Consciousness 

In my piece for the Post-Modernism era I chose the quote about artificial intelligence. I first designed a collage using images of robots and symbols to represent cunning and artifice. I wanted the collage to represent the main frame brain of an artificially intelligent creation. I also chose images of humans and robots connecting to portray the link between humanity and creation. Outside of the collage I chose to use dark black lines created with acrylic paint to symbolize a sort of mother board of circuits giving life to the brain. To add depth to the bold black lines, I complimented them with several line patterns in primary colors. Within these areas of the mother board, I added human organs floating in space to give a sense of informal creation. The piece contains a mix of human and robotic, electric elements. 

The meaning behind this piece in my opinion is really up to the viewer. My original intention was to create a sense of connectivity between humanity and creation. I wanted to also create a sense of chaos and cluttered within the overall imagery. Artificial intelligence contains no stream of consciousness, rather a set programmed way of acting. The main point I wanted to drive home is that while robots do not have their own consciousness, their creation was subject to the consciousness of the maker. Thus, they are an extension of humanity and in a sense reflect the mind and thoughts of those who design them. The rest is up to you!

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