Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Art Event - Student Showcase

Student Showcase 

For my art event requirement, I went to the large scale student showcase. A variety of different works were on display and all were unique and different. The work of art I chose to write about is feature below:

Emily Griffin, 17' Crypto-Zoological Observation 
There are several aspect of this work that I really like. The first is the medium. Creating a work of art with only a pencil can be difficult and Emily did so with an amazing amount of detail. The work portrays what looks to be a domestic house-cat turned into a mythological creature. Being a fantasy buff, I was instantly drawn to this image due to its imaginative nature. Surely this creature does not exist, but Emily's attention to detail made it seem undeniably lifelike. The shading created by pencil gives the creature depth and form in two-dimensional layout. If I were to pull an ideological meaning from this work of art it would be even the most ordinary aspects of our life, like a pet cat, can be truly fantastic. I truly enjoyed the creative style Emily demonstrated in Crypto-Zoological Observation.

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